Subject: Re: GetProcessBundleLocation() -- no good in
background agents!

On 2009 Mar 25, at 16:52, Jim Correia wrote:

you can (in certain situations) end up with an incorrect entry in the LS database which will cause the wrong executable to be launched when the user double clicks on your app in the Finder.

That's a show-stopper in my book, chief. Unless someone can tell me how to reproduce that and I verify a workaround, my background agent is moving out of MacOS tomorrow morning.

I recommend putting aux executables in

Yup. I just created Contents/Helpers/, moved my little DockBouncer test tool into it, doubleclicked, and no bounce. Contents/Resources/ works OK too.

as it avoids these issues. (And have filed an ER asking for this to become an officially sanctioned location for both bundled and unbundled helpers.)

I have read in blog posts and on this list that, sometime within the last few years, the officially-sanctioned location changed from Contents/Resources to Contents/MacOS. One source said it was mentioned at a WWDC. But I couldn't find it in official Apple documentation. Maybe management is hedging their bets and/or there is no consensus among the engineers.

Unless someone explains what I did wrong, I'll file a bug on GetProcessBundleLocation().


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