Re: GetProcessBundleLocation() -- no good in
background agents!

On Mar 25, 2009, at 7:20 PM, Jerry Krinock wrote:

/* Use this code to build a Cocoa Command-Line tool and place
the product in Contents/MacOS of any application. Then
doubleclick it. Watch the log in the Terminal window and
un-hide and watch your dock.

There are a couple of edge cases you will run into if you place auxiliary executables into the MacOS folder an execute them from there.

Besides the one you mention, you can (in certain situations) end up with an incorrect entry in the LS database which will cause the wrong executable to be launched when the user double clicks on your app in the Finder.

I recommend putting aux executables in


as it avoids these issues. (And have filed an ER asking for this to become an officially sanctioned location for both bundled and unbundled helpers.)


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