NSView Redrawing Issue ...


I've created a custom view to replicate the blue panel at the bottom
of the iPod Summary page in iTunes. All is well except that when I add
controls on top of this view (buttons etc) in IB, when the application
is launched the controls have thick gray borders around them until I
resize the window, at which point they disappear. If I then click any
on these controls, it then reappears until I again resize the window.

I know I can do [customview setNeedsDisplay:YES] but in order for this
to work I would need to call it in every action connected to every
control that's placed on the view, and also I'm not sure where to put
it to get rid of the initial gray borders. Plus I want to update a
label in the view using bindings from a CoreData object so I can
really call setNeedsDisplay on that ??

Surely there is something that I'm missing here to get the correct behavior ??



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