RE: Implementing a many-to-many
("reflexive") relationship
using bindings and an NSTableView

> On Mar 25, 2009, at 7:47 AM, Jon C. Munson II wrote:
> > Two entities, one named A, the other named B. A and B have a
> > reflexive
> > relationship with each other (that would be a many-to-many type). The
> > backend is a SQLite store (not that it should matter).
> To be clear, a reflexive relationship is when an entity had a
> relationship to *itself*. That's a different animal than a vanilla
> many-to-many, which is what you seem to be describing.
[Jon C. Munson II] Sorry, I misinterpreted the docs on that one. This is a
plain vanilla many-to-many relationship.

> > I'd like my interface to be based from entity A's point of view,
> > using an
> > NSTableView to select (via popup) the entity B's that are related
> > (populating the popup with values is not at issue).
> Do you mean here that you will "pop up" a window that contains an
> NSTableView that will be used to select rows of Entity B? Correct
> language is critical. I think most Cocoa developers would assume that
> "popup" means NSpopupButton.

[Jon C. Munson II] Yes, an NSPopupButton is what I meant to imply here.

> > So, my question is therefore how do I configure the bindings to
> > support the
> > relationship if it is even possible to use bindings solely? If it
> > isn't
> > possible to use bindings, is there a discrete example somewhere that
> > someone
> > could point me to that shows how to set this up?
> You should be able to use bindings for everything you describe except
> for setting relationships...

between existing objects. That will have to

> be done in code, AFAIK, but isn't difficult.

[Jon C. Munson II] OK. Benjamin Stiglitz responded suggesting I take a
look at the ToManyCheckbox example on mmalc's page, so I'll do that and see
if that clarifies things. Also, I noticed in the iClass example that code
is used to support the relationship and so on. Is that the recommended
"template" implementation to support this type of relation?


/s/ Jon C. Munson II


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