Re: signal(SIGUSR2, SIG_IGN) not respected by

Påhl Melin wrote:

Why can't Unix be a "modern" OS with dynamically allocated
and named signals? :-)

Because if you want that kind of flexibility, you're expected to provide it yourself, using your knowledge of what will be the best and most scalable use of available computer resources.

That means use a library or use another OS feature, like the pipes already mentioned. You could also use UDP sockets and send datagrams on lo0 (localhost loopback). You can also create Unix-domain sockets (essentially, sockets whose name is a file-system path), and use those.

If you're only thinking in terms of signals and signal-handlers, you should broaden your view of what the OS provides and how it can be used. There are questions of latency, throughput, scale, etc. that only you can answer for your application, and then choose the most suitable representation. One size does not fit all.

-- GG


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