Re: Implementing a many-to-many
("reflexive") relationship
using bindings and an NSTableView

> For the sake of this discussion, here's a sample entity layout:
> Two entities, one named A, the other named B. A and B have a reflexive
> relationship with each other (that would be a many-to-many type). The
> backend is a SQLite store (not that it should matter).
> I'd like my interface to be based from entity A's point of view, using an
> NSTableView to select (via popup) the entity B's that are related
> (populating the popup with values is not at issue).Â
> My issue comes in with how to set the bindings to support the relationship.

Take a look at Malcom Crawfordâs very handy page of bindings examples:

ToManyCheckbox is probably most interesting to you.


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