Re: Do synthesized instance variables work in
iPhone SDK?

On Mar 24, 2009, at 2:36 PM, Eric Hermanson wrote:
I was under the impression the iPhone ran the modern (64-bit) Objective-C runtime. I'm using xCode 3.x and iPhone SDK 2.2. Are synthesized instance variables not supported, or do I need to change some xCode/project configuration settings to activate this support (I'd really like to use it)?

Does the fact that I'm linking to the Sen Test Kit Framework, or running on a relatively old Intel MacBook Pro cause this problem?

Finally, if iPhone SDK does not support synthesized instance variables, does iPhone SDK 3.0 beta support them?

The iPhone and 64 bit Mac OS X runtimes support synthesized instance variables.

The Simulator does not, though, as it runs with the 32 bit Mac OS X runtime.



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