Re: Implementing a many-to-many
("reflexive") relationship
using bindings and an NSTableView

On Mar 25, 2009, at 7:47 AM, Jon C. Munson II wrote:

Two entities, one named A, the other named B. A and B have a reflexive
relationship with each other (that would be a many-to-many type). The
backend is a SQLite store (not that it should matter).

To be clear, a reflexive relationship is when an entity had a relationship to *itself*. That's a different animal than a vanilla many-to-many, which is what you seem to be describing.

I'd like my interface to be based from entity A's point of view, using an
NSTableView to select (via popup) the entity B's that are related
(populating the popup with values is not at issue).

Do you mean here that you will "pop up" a window that contains an NSTableView that will be used to select rows of Entity B? Correct language is critical. I think most Cocoa developers would assume that "popup" means NSpopupButton.

So, my question is therefore how do I configure the bindings to support the
relationship if it is even possible to use bindings solely? If it isn't
possible to use bindings, is there a discrete example somewhere that someone
could point me to that shows how to set this up?

You should be able to use bindings for everything you describe except for setting relationships between existing objects. That will have to be done in code, AFAIK, but isn't difficult.


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