Re: signal(SIGUSR2, SIG_IGN) not respected by

2009/3/25 Benjamin Stiglitz <stig@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> I'm not completely satisfied using signals (especially since they are
>> not dynamically allocated and I may want to use more in the future)
>> but signals was the lowest level alternative I could think about. This
>> code will be used _very_ frequently and I want to use the lowest
>> possible level, mainly for performance reasons but also for ease of
>> setup. And signals seems like a reasonable alternative considering
>> this.
> A pipe is the canonical way to tickle a thread waiting select/poll/kqueue.
> You can rest assured that pipes are quite performant.

Thanks Ben. I will take a closer look at pipes. They have the
additional advantage of being more flexible than fixed allocated
signals. (Why can't Unix be a "modern" OS with dynamically allocated
and named signals? :-)

/ Påhl

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