Overriding -dealloc on any object

I'm working on a Cocoa bridge for Pascal and looking for a solution to manage the wrapper objects that are directly related to all their Objective-C counterparts, and therefore must be released in pairs. I understand that -dealloc is the designated location to release instances owned by the object so the plan is to override -dealloc on any object that a wrapper is allocated for.

The question is, will it be safe to override methods like initWithObjects: that are owned by Cocoa and created through convenience functions? Will those objects be sent -dealloc also? Second, given the Objective-C runtime should I replace the implementation using class_replaceMethod or do I need to add a new method using class_addMethod? I did observe that -dealloc does indeed have an implementation so I'm not sure class_addMethod will even have any affect, but I'm not sure replace the implementation is safe either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!



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