Re: signal(SIGUSR2, SIG_IGN) not respected by

2009/3/25 Ken Thomases <ken@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Ignoring a signal doesn't prevent it from being delivered.  GDB is stopping
> at the point of delivery, _before_ any decision has been made about how to
> handle the signal.  The fact that the process will ignore the signal is
> something that is _about to happen_ in the scenario you describe.  If you
> were to issue the "signal SIGUSR2" command in the debugger, your program
> would proceed just as it would when not debugging.
> Furthermore, if you had issued the command "handle SIGUSR2 nostop noprint
> pass" prior to starting your program, GDB wouldn't even have stopped.

Thanks for the explanation. I wasn't aware that GDB's default
behaviour is to stop on a signal even when it programatically is
supposed to be ignored. But since it does, the behavior is expected.

Do you know any way of issuing a command (like "handle SIGUSR2 nostop
noprint pass") before starting a debug session in Xcode?

>> ...but when I type something at the prompt it just ignores it –
>> nothing happens when pressing return.
> This is a more fundamental problem that has nothing to do with signals.
> I recall seeing a problem about that go by recently on the xcode-users
> mailing list.  Check the recent archives for that list.  Also, further
> discussion of this issue should probably be carried on there, because it's
> not really relevant to this list.

I agree, since the problem is a pure GDB issue I will move to the
xcode-users list. But thanks for the help anyway.

/ Påhl

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