Re: NSObliquenessAttributeName, labelFontOfSize,
& Italic

On Mar 25, 2009, at 2:34 AM, Andrew Farmer wrote:

On 24 Mar 09, at 05:20, Eric Gorr wrote:
Well, actually, considering that using NSObliquenessAttributeName caused the text to look blury, I switched to userFontOfSize which provides a font with a clean italic version.

If anyone has a better solution, I would be interested.

I filed bug report rdar://6715356 requesting that labelFontOfSize return a font with a clean italic and bold-italic variant and suggest others do the same if they want this as well.

To clarify a bit, the issue here is simply that the system font (Lucida Grande) doesn't have an italic variant, whereas the user font (Helvetica) does.

Yes. Well, that labelFontOfSize does not return a font with an italic variant. I assume it is possible that systemFontOfSize may return a different font then labelFontOfSize in the future.

I wanted to draw a label in italic and, while I could get close by using NSObliquenessAttributeName, NSObliquenessAttributeName made the text look blury.


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