Starting to modularize legacy

As a first attempt at decoupling all of the services that are jammed into legacy, I just pulled the entity package out of /legacy-service into its own jar. Because it has dependencies on other legacy stuff, the new jar must include the exceptions, time, and user packages from legacy.

I also had to change the EntityProducer interface's syncWithSiteChange(Site site, ChangeType change) to syncWithSiteChange(String siteId, ChangeType change) to keep the Site dependency out of the framework.

Many of maven's project.xml files also needed to be edited to add the new dependency, which I called sakai-legacy-entity.

Perhaps this can be the start of a "framework" layer below legacy? The good news is that this took only about two hours to accomplish, and Sakai seems to be running happily. I couldn't make a comprehensive patch for this, since svn wouldn't include any of the "added" files (svn help anyone?). Let me know if you want to look at the changes, and I'll zip it up and send it out.

I'm hoping that other minor API tweaks will allow the rest of legacy to be modularized.


Josh Holtzman
Educational Technology Services, UC Berkeley

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