Subject: [ccnet-user] 1.5.0 CTP has been released

Hi all

CCNet 1.5.0 CTP has finally been released!  It has taken us  a while, but this new version has many features people have been waiting for, for a long time.
° Security (finally)
° many new source control providers
° an ftp task / publisher
° Dynamic parameters
° ...

you can read all about it on the release notes:

Since it is a CTP, we do not advise to run it in a production environment yet,
but there are already people doing so, and with good result. We got some very positive feedback from them

You can download it from sourceforge at :

Please test this release as much as possible :
    * use your existing config on a spare / virtual PC
    * test it with a couple of CCNet projects, one of every kind you have (CI, deploy, ...)
    * remove the labelling part of the scm so you do not interfere with the life/ production system
    * use the null task to simulate different build results (succeed, failed), eg.: for new publishers
    * use the null source control to simulate errors on source control operations, eg.: for new publishers

Let us know what you think of this release, and please report any issues
This will only make CCNet even better

with kind regards
Ruben Willems

on behalve of the CCNet team