Subject: [ccnet-user] Re: hi all - totally new on this


I suppose this is the problem

this is probably a mapped dirve
and you're running ccnet as a service, correct ?

if so, replace

with kind regards
Ruben Willems

2009/9/25 östen petersson <ostenpajobbet@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I have just set up a cruisecontrol server and have some kind of
problem I don´t know how to solve.
I have a small selenium project that i run every hour or so, and it
run as expected but cruisecontrol does not get latest...
I am sure it is trivial but I can´t figure it out.

we run vss 6... yes I am trying to get them change to something modern
it is the latest build on ccnet
I am the logged in user and have checked in the changes on another
machine as well - could that be the problem?
it just doesn´t say anything about get latest either...

the config file looks like this:
<project name="Seleniumtest av test.local" >
      <triggers >
     <intervalTrigger seconds="7200" />
   <sourcecontrol type="vss" >
     <executable>C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS

       <devenv solutionfile="C:\projects\seleniumTests\GUI.Tests.sln"
configuration="debug" buildTimeoutSeconds="900" />
       <nunit path="C:\Program Files\NUnit 2.5.2\bin\net-2.0\nunit-
     <xmllogger logDir="log" />