Subject: [ccnet-user] Project specific report plugin in
dashboard.config not working

Hi all,

I'm trying to add a report plugin to just one project. My
dashboard.config snippet shows:

<xslReportBuildPlugin description="TypeMock Isolator"
actionName="TypemockIsolator" xslFileName="xsl\TypeMock.xsl">
<includedProjects>E.0-M2 NUnit Tests</includedProjects>

and the xsl file is defined in xslFileNames within

The problem isn't that the report doesn't work or doesn't show up for
my included project. The problem is it shows up for ALL projects.
I've tried both the opt in type method above as well as the "opt out"
idea of excluding everythign but the project I want to have it.
Nothing seems to help - it shows up for all.

Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong? Thanks in advance for
any help.

Dan Winsor

Soy un poco loco en el coco.