Subject: [bug-gnuspool] gspl-prninstall: function key
non-parsing, prereqs

Hi John,

Hope you're doing well.

I attempted to make a minimal gnuspool installation, following the admin
manual. Sorry for sending multiple issues in one msg, but it seemed
clearer somehow.

1) I got to the point of running gspl-ptrinstall, and let it try to
"display existing printers", as the default suggests (not that there
were any). It complained "gnuspool is not running". Perhaps the
manual just needs to state "run gspl-start as root" (I guess) before
the printer installation section.

2) so I ran gspl-start, and it complains about missing service names.
Another prerequisite would help, in this case a forward reference to
page 18 where the lines for /etc/services are listed.

3) ok, I added those, ran gspl-start again, and the process is running:
gnuspool 20764 1 0.0 0.0 268 8456 S 0 18:17:49

However, starting gspl-ptrinstall (or running lpr) still reports:
gspl-plist - GNUSpool is not running.

4) I continued on anyway to define a printer named "prn". I was running
in shell window inside Emacs, and the dialogue looked like this:
Printer to install or edit: prn
Invalid printer name please try again
Printer to install or edit:

I traced this to the getline() function in gspl-ptrinstall. If it
receives more than one character, it looks for F1 and otherwise
silently ignores the input. Well, evidently Emacs is sending the
string line-buffered (or something), since the getchar call received
the whole string "prn".

Personally, I think it would be cleaner to avoid (attempted)
character-at-a-time input entirely. It seems sufficient to recognize
"?" as help, especially if the prompt included that info.

In any event, when you get something you don't recognize, a...

error message is always good.

5) Finally, ptrinstall silently switches into curses mode for the
printer list. Had no clue I was supposed to suddenly start using
arrow keys and stuff :). A few words of explanation at the top of
the list would be nice. Or forget curses.

6) In general, I think it would be very helpful to have an introductory
chapter, or a separate document, which spells out the minimal steps
to get a local printer running. I venture to speculate that is what
most people trying out gnuspool want to do. It could have references
to all the details, but when you just want your printer to work in
the first place, you don't care :).