Subject: bug#2830: 23.0.91; Private use area

Jason Rumney wrote:

> Jonathan Coxhead wrote:

> > I have a file with characters from the Private Use Area of Unicode. I
> > also have
> > a font, Code2000, ""; which has the
> > characters in
> > it. But emacs shows me squares instead of the characters. (Notepad can
> > display
> > it.)
> How are you telling Emacs which font to use to display those characters?

I used the mouse. Shift-click didn't behave as it used to, but I found "Set
Default Font..." on the "Options" menu on the menu bar. It seemed to work as I
expected: the font is distinctive enough that I'm sure the buffer was using the
font I chose (Code2000). But the private-use characters were displayed as empty

Thanks for looking at this---I'd love to be able to edit Elvish (and other
PUA scripts) with Emacs!