Subject: Re: bug#2827: Can't use Caps Lock on Windows

Jason Rumney wrote:

> I'm unable to reproduce this on any version of Emacs I currently have
> installed (21.3, 22.3 or 22.0.92). The earlier report was using 20.7,
> so I would expect to see the bug in at least 21.3 if it was
> consistently reproducible.
> Is there any other software running on your system that might
> affect keyboard handling in subtle ways?

I am using a ThinkPad X60 and whenever I press caps lock a small window
pops up at the bottom right of the screen to tell me so.

Emacs displays the desired behavior when I run Windows in Safe Mode, and
whatever is displaying the caps lock notification window is off.

Still, Emacs is the only program that seems to have trouble with this.