Subject: bug#2827: Can't use Caps Lock on Windows

tags 2827 unreproducible moreinfo

Michael Hoffman wrote:
1. Type the characters "lowercase" followed by return.
2. Press Caps Lock
3. Type the characters "uppercase"

None of the characters will be in uppercase. All other Windows
applications deal with Caps Lock correctly.

I'm unable to reproduce this on any version of Emacs I currently have installed (21.3, 22.3 or 22.0.92). The earlier report was using 20.7, so I would expect to see the bug in at least 21.3 if it was consistently reproducible.

Is there any other software running on your system that might affect keyboard handling in subtle ways?

Recent input:
l o w e r c a s e <return> u p p e r c a s e

In my case, this appears in view-lossage as:

l o w e r c a s e <return> U P P E R C A S E