Subject: bug#1654: 23.0.60; auto encoding detection
(detect-coding-region) not working

In article <9m7i2bwdod.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, poppyer
<poppyer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I just re-examine the code, and find the bug.
> And it is a bug in lisp/language/chinese.el
> near line 125:
> should be:
> =================
> (define-coding-system 'chinese-big5
> "BIG5 8-bit encoding for Chinese (MIME:Big5)"
> :coding-type 'big5 ;; change charset to big5 here, poppyer
> :mnemonic ?B
> :charset-list '(ascii big5)
> :mime-charset 'big5)
> =====================

Actually this is not a bug. When I introduced the
coding-type `charset' in Emacs 23, I changed most
coding-systems that require charset-mapping to that type.
In the future, I want to delete all Big5 (and SJIS) specific
codes in coding.c.

But, the implementation of detecting coding systems of the
same type won't be in time for Emacs 23.1. So, I'll commit
your change.

Kenichi Handa