Subject: bug#1654: 23.0.60; auto encoding detection
(detect-coding-region) not working

In article <h0r60jwnh8.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, poppyer
<poppyer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> So the current issue is that: in detect-coding-region's DOC, it says
> "Return a list of possible coding systems ordered by priority".
> But for big5 txt file, the big5 coding system is not in the returned
> list.

Ok, I've just modified the docstring as these:

DEFUN ("detect-coding-region", Fdetect_coding_region, Sdetect_coding_region,
2, 3, 0,
doc: /* Detect coding system of the text in the region between START and
Return a list of possible coding systems ordered by priority.
The coding systems to try and their priorities follows what
the function `coding-system-priority-list' (which see) returns.

DEFUN ("coding-system-priority-list", Fcoding_system_priority_list,
Scoding_system_priority_list, 0, 1, 0,
doc: /* Return a list of coding systems ordered by their priorities.
The list contains a subset of coding systems; i.e. coding systems
assigned to each coding category (see `coding-category-list').

Are they clear? If not, please improve them.

Kenichi Handa