Subject: bug#2790: emacs 22.1.1 cannot open 5GB file on
64GB 64-bit Linux box

> Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 10:50:35 -0500
> From: Mike Coleman <tutufan@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc:
> I'm trying to open a large (between 4GB and 5GB) file on a x86-64
> Linux box that has 64GB of RAM. I'm getting the error message
> "Maximum buffer size exceeded".

Thank you for your report. However, it lacks crucial info, because
you didn't use "M-x report-emacs-bug RET" to submit it. Please do
that (and do it from the same version of Emacs where you get the error
message), so that important aspects of your system and Emacs
configuration will be reported and considered in resolving this

Next, please type "file `which emacs`" at the shell prompt on that
machine, and tell what this command displays.

Also, please type "M-: most-positive-fixnum RET" inside Emacs, and
tell what it displays.