[Bayonne-devel] Joining the project

I am a final year electronics engineering student from India.
Lately I find the gnu telephony projects very interesting and would like
to participate the development. My dreams about career is to become a
freelance tech consultant on areas such as speech and voip. I am just
started with the bayonne docs.

Deciding to go the voip way, actually, I was
learning asterisk last week, aiming to get a summer of code slot there
so that it will make me comfortable during these practise days
too;-). Later I got stuck at a serious thought on
http://blogs.digium.com/2007/12/25/giving-and-taking/ and was thinking
whether I should be applying for asterisk or not;-).

So I thought I should ask here to know whether its possible to have a
heavenly start with a summer of code slot on any gnu-telehony
projects?. I am familiar with sphinx and festival and now am trying to
get it working with bayonne.

Anyway with or without soc, I would like to contribute to gnu telephony
projects, and hope to get some guidance and some info about the project
status at this point.

Shyam K

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