Re: [Bacula-users] backup to a remote machine -
how to approach?

On 2/18/2016 3:06 AM, Florian Splett wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> I am planning to store certain backups to an offsite system and I was
> wondering, which of these solution you would recommend:
> 1. Install a storage deamon on the offsite system
> -> How safe is the connection and how do I set it up?
> 2. Connect to the offsite system via ssh or ftp and mount a folder on
> the local system to send the backups.
> Are there other solutions as well?
> I just want two things, really:
> - make sure that if the main location goes down for some reason, I still
> have some important backup files on the offsite location.
> - Use the safest way possible to send the data to the offsite location.

I recommend 1 over 2. In fact, I would recommend replacing 2 altogether with

2. Rsync disk volumes and text dump of catalog over SSH to the remote

The advantage of having an SD at the remote site is that it makes
possible writing Copy jobs of the incremental jobs to the remote site
and writing Virtual Full jobs to the remote SD. The remote SD is
"initialized" by hand delivery of Full jobs media. This drastically
reduces bandwidth requirements, since only incremental jobs need ever be

Since the communications can be TLS encrypted, I consider the Bacula
communications to be as secure as any other TLS encrypted service. The
"safest way possible" is a subject of much debate. I have a client who
hand carries encrypted tapes to a bank safe deposit box.

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