Re: [Bacula-users] Spool Directory 7.4.0

On Feb 15, 2016, at 7:08 AM, Heitor Faria <heitor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I find that spooling occurs in Working Directory not Spool Directory.Hello Dan: if it's the same log from your other thread your Data Spooling isn't actually enabled (data spooling messages =! from attribute spooling ones).Is anyone able to reproduce this based on the following incomplete example:

Storage {                             # definition of myself  Name = File1  SDPort = 9103                  # Director's port  WorkingDirectory = "/var/db/bacula"  Pid Directory = "/var/run"  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20}

Device {  Name = FileChgr1-Dev1  Media Type = File1  Archive Device = /tmp  LabelMedia = yes;                   # lets Bacula label unlabeled media  Random Access = Yes;  AutomaticMount = yes;               # when device opened, read it  RemovableMedia = no;  AlwaysOpen = no;  Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 5
  Spool Directory = /usr/local/bacula}Did you restart bacula-sd? (it doest not harm to ask). =)
I did.
While the job is running, I see:Make sure you have SpoolData=yes in your Job, JobDef or Schedule resource (bacula-dir.conf).
I did not see below.
# ls -l /usr/local/bacula /var/db/bacula
/usr/local/bacula:total 0
/var/db/bacula:total 16-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula    0 Feb 14 17:35 File1.attr.BackupClient1.2016-02-14_17.35.48_06.5.spool-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula  196 Feb 14 17:23 bacula-dir.9101.state-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula    0 Feb 14 17:35 bacula-dir.BackupClient1.2016-02-14_17.35.48_06.63042264.mail-rw-------  1 bacula  bacula  485 Feb 14 17:35 bacula-dir.conmsg-rw-r-----  1 root    bacula  196 Feb 14 17:23 bacula-fd.9102.state-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula  196 Feb 14 17:26 bacula-sd.9103.state

Clearly, the .spool file is in the Working Directory.  I'm working off
Now it looks like this:
# ls -lh /usr/local/bacula/*/usr/local/bacula/spooling:total 296489-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula   1.3G Feb 15 13:24
/usr/local/bacula/working:total 129-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula   996B Feb 15 03:13 bacula-sd.9103.state-rw-r-----  1 bacula  bacula   768K Feb 15 13:24 tape01-sd.attr.slocum_jail_snapshots.2016-02-15_13.23.36_03.6.spool[root@tape01:~] # 
It was as you said.  I copy/pasted another Copy job, which was local disk to local tape.  Thus, I had 'Spool Data = ""  The aboveoutput shows spooling after I amended the job, issued a reload in bconsole, and ran the job.
Thank you.  I should have found this one.
-- Dan Langille - BSDCan / PGCondan@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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