[Bacula-users] Bacula 5.0.3 doesn't restore client
wndows xp on usb disk.


I give you more informations about my conf and one job backup and one job

bacula-dir.conf (http://pastebin.com/d8bK5nsy)

bacula-sd.conf (http://pastebin.com/5g0B3f8Z)

bacula-fd.conf_windows_xp (http://pastebin.com/cx7H9Jhd)

bacula-fd.conf_debian (http://pastebin.com/PNpp4H30)

run_job_by_bconsole (http://pastebin.com/tUXNj1yM)

restore_job_by_bconsole (http://pastebin.com/W5qJP0py)

backup_folder_after_backup_and_restore_job (http://pastebin.com/mJaaaeWV)

Running Job backup on windows xp:

Job backup windows finish:

Job restore finish:

Log bacula-sd.conf:
bacula-sd.log (http://pastebin.com/rP2HNcMh)

Log bacula-dir.log ( I removed a lot of lines with the functions sql_create.c
and getmsg.c)
bacula-dir.log (http://pastebin.com/RAgD8XBp)

After these tests where I found no error, I am always in the same situation,
the restoration is done as well bacula but no files in the folder!


I try to give you the maximum informations !

Thank for your help .


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