Re: [Bacula-users] Bacula 5.0.3 doesn't restore
client wndows xp on usb disk.

Op 28/08/2011 18:51, man_in_the_hill schreef:
> Hello the world,
> I use bacula 5.0.3 for backup files from linux client and windows client.
> My backup system:
> One serveur debian lenny proxmox 1.8 with bacula-dir, bacula-fd, bacula-sd
> running on and one virtual machine running windows xp with bacula-win 5.0.3
> running on .
> The backup device is a usb disk NTFS mounted on debian via ntfs-3g.
> The backup file run fine and the volumes are created but when I want to
> restore a client windows backup, the restore is ok but no files appears in
> the restore folder !!!!!
When you set up the restore job, did you use the default restore folder,
or did you manually change it? If you didn't change it, what is the
restore directory set to in the definition of your
"RestoreFilesCristal2" job? Have you checked there?
> Files Expected: 8,804
> Files Restored: 8,804
My experience with bacula is that if it says it has restored the files
but you can't find them, you usually just have to search a bit more
where they are. They've always been there for me though after a bit of

Kind regards,

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