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On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 09:55:07 -0400
hymie! <hymie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Do I understand this correctly?
> A volume will not be recycled until the Volume Retention has expired,
> even if all of the backups stored in that volume have expired. If my
> Job Retention is 1 month, and my Volume Retention is 3 months, then my
> volumes are not available after 1 month even though the jobs in those
> volumes are expired.
Possibly there's an error in the last sentence.

Job retention of 1 month means Bacula will remove the catalog
(database) entries for such jobs when these records grow older than 1
month. Volumes will continue to live on, just you won't be able to
*directly* restore anything from then (that is, simply using bconsole
commands) because no catalog entries would exist describing jobs.
But that does not prevent you from doing emergency recovery using those
volumes because you can:
1) Use bls and bextract to query a volume and get the nececcary files
right from it;
2) Use bscan to scan the data on a volume (or a series of volumes) and
populate the catalog using the aquired metadata. This requires some
extra care to not make the newly inserted records immediately pruned
again after the scanning job ends, but it's doable. Search the list
archives for more info.

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