[Bacula-users] Ghost jobs?

Hi ppl
I'm getting here a very strange (and annoying!!!) behavior at one of
my Storage Daemons.
If I restart director with some running (and others waiting to start),
all those jobs transforms into 'ghost' jobs,
they doesnt show at Director, but they keep showing at Storage Daemon
disturbing all my backup routine...
Storage Daemon always get BLOCKED because some times those 'ghost'
jobs are of yesterday and they use yesterday pool islead of today

SRV01-SD Version: 3.0.3 (18 October 2009) i686-redhat-linux-gnu redhat
Daemon started 23-Aug-11 23:10, 0 Jobs run since started.
Heap: heap=299,008 smbytes=227,278 max_bytes=227,396 bufs=144 max_bufs=151
Sizes: boffset_t=8 size_t=4 int32_t=4 int64_t=8

Running Jobs:
Writing: Incremental Backup job SRV10 JobId=61090 Volume=""
pool="MON" device="IBM_TL_LTO3-0" (/dev/IBM_TL_LTO3-0)
spooling=0 despooling=0 despool_wait=0
Files=0 Bytes=0 Bytes/sec=0
FDSocket closed
Writing: Incremental Backup job SRV05 JobId=61132 Volume="LTO3_I_TUE_01-03"
pool="TUE" device="IBM_TL_LTO3-0" (/dev/IBM_TL_LTO3-0)
spooling=0 despooling=0 despool_wait=0
Files=121 Bytes=6,085,281 Bytes/sec=253,553
FDReadSeqNo=930 in_msg=650 out_msg=5 fd=7
Device "IBM_TL_LTO3-0" (/dev/IBM_TL_LTO3-0) is mounted with:
Volume: LTO3_I_TUE_01-03
Pool: TUE
Media type: LTO3
Device is BLOCKED waiting to create a volume for:
Pool: MON
Media type: LTO3
Slot 18 is loaded in drive 0.
Total Bytes=171,763,587,072 Blocks=2,662,505 Bytes/block=64,512
Positioned at File=400 Block=0
Damn, I dont want to put a tape of MON pool :/ But those 'ghost' job
keep asking for tapes like they are 'a...

Before some one asks, 'cancel jobid' doesnt work:
*cancel jobid=61090
JobId 61090 is not running. Use Job name to cancel inactive jobs. ##
BUT these m....f... keep showing and f.. with my routines :/

ps: If I stop SD, delete "state" (bacula-sd.9103.state), and restart,
ghost dissapear for some moments, but Director keep pushing those
ghosts (next from original queue) to SD....

Thanks of any help!

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