Re: [Bacula-users] Problem; cannot start the
Bacula Director Daemon as seen by Webmin (with

2011/8/19 Marcus Krackowizer <mk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello
> I'm wondering if you can help. This is my 1st attempt at installing Bacula.
> I plan to backup a webserver, mail server and MySQL server.
> In brief, the main problem is that I cannot start the Bacula Director Daemon
> as seen by Webmin. From the SSH shell, it does appear to start although if I
> try and stop the service, it fails. Oddly, if I run 'restart' then 'stop',
> it stops OK, and the starts [OK] in the shell, but this is not reflected in
> Webmin.

Did you create the bacula database? Did you verify from the shell that
bacula-dir started and was running. I would skip trying to get Webmin
working with bacula until you get bacula working from the shell /


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