[Bacula-users] Problem; cannot start the Bacula
Director Daemon as seen by Webmin
(with attachments)



I'm wondering if you can help. This is my 1st attempt at installing Bacula. I plan to backup a webserver, mail server and MySQL server.


In brief, the main problem is that I cannot start the Bacula Director Daemon as seen by Webmin. From the SSH shell, it does appear to start although if I try and stop the service, it fails. Oddly, if I run 'restart' then 'stop', it stops OK, and the starts [OK] in the shell, but this is not reflected in Webmin.


The System


- CentOS 6 minimal install + Arno firewall IP tables on a VMWare virtual server.

- Bacula 5.0.0 (this is the version yum grabbed)


I have installed bacula for access via webmin following the instructions on http://www.how2centos.com/installing-bacula-on-centos-6/


The error I'm getting displayed on Webmin is


"The Bacula console command /usr/sbin/bconsole could not communicate with the Bacula director. Make sure the password in /etc/bacula/bconsole.conf is correct."


In addition the Start & Stop Bacula buttons have no effect. I had to start the services from the shell.


In an attempt to start the director deamon I have tried turning off the firewall, I have given the same password throughout (except MySQL has a different password), reinstalled twice.


I have installed the client on a test machine,


I have attached the bconsole.conf and bacula-dir.conf files in addition to a screenshot of the Webmin display.



et me know if I need to submit any more details.


kind regards


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