[Bacula-users] bacula requesting for already
mounted volume

I am testing Bacula 5.0.3 on a FreeBSD system. My Tape Library has two tape drives. I successfully ran a full backup and it mounted the correct tape automatically in to the drive. Next I had scheduled a Incremental backup of the same machine. I see that it has un-mounted the tape which it used for Full backup from the drive back to the slot and mounted the tape needed for the Incremental backup to drive 1.  Though the correct tape is in the drive I am getting the following message and the incremental backup is not progressing. Any help is appreciated:


17-Aug 00:34 lindy-sd JobId 84: Please mount Volume "B01029L5" or label a new one for:

    Job:          jaci.2011-08-17_00.30.00_21

    Storage:      "Drive-1" (/dev/nsa0)

    Pool:         server-partial

    Media type:   LTO-5



Thank You.





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