Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Bacula sabe se atingiu a
capacidade máxima de uma fita?

> Bom dia galera,
> Gostaria de saber se o bacula sabe quando atinge a capacidade de uma fita.
> Por exemplo, tenho uma fita LTO-4 de 1.6TB, o bacula vai saber se chegou ao
> final dela? ou eu preciso especificar o tamanho máximo da fita com a
> diretiva:
> MaxVolumeSize

I do not understand any Portuguese but google translation made your
question understandable.

NO do not set MaxVolumeSize for tapes. As the other person said tapes
have variable hardware compression. Your tape drive supports 800 GB
native space however what will fit on the tape will vary depending on
what your data set is. If you have only text files you may actually
fit 2500 MB on the tape however if you are saving only mpegs (zip
files ...) you may get 801 GB total on a tape. There is no good reason
to limit the tape usage at 1600 GB.


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