Subject: [Bacula-users] Bacula deciding to ignore files,
again. Help please

I've had previous problems with bacula running backups and simply deciding not
to backup certain files.

I never fully got to the bottom ot that. Now it's happening again but with
different systems.

This bacula server runs Debian Lenny with bacula-dir 3.02. The client is
windows 2008 with bacula-fd 3.02 64bit.

This server has been having a few issues due to backups timing out because of
the massive size of some files and the slow disks. So I moved the large files
(DB dumps) to a directory outside of those being backed up.

at 12:30am bacula ran and backed up everything fine now that I had left the
massive files out
at 1.00am, mssql created two new massive db dumps

at 10:00 am, I moved the folder containing the massive files out and ran a
backup, this went ok.
I then moved one of the massive files (and the folder it was in) back into the
folder being backed up. I then ran an incremental backup again.
There were no errors but I was suspicious because the backup finished in two
minutes. On closer inspection, it had backed up the folder, but not the massive

I tried restarting bacula client and director. I've renamed the file, changed
the extension, moved it into the root folder but it won't backup

I created a new file in the same folder and that backed up. I created a new
folder and moved the massive file into that, it backed up the folder, but not
the file.

What's going on here? The attributes show that the file was last modified prior
the backup running (even after renaming the file). Is bacula looking at that
and saying, "Oh, tha...

t's an old file, I'll ignore that" ?

Does bacula check the attributes or does it compare what it sees to it's DB?

I suspect it will back it up if I run a full backup but I want to see if I can
get an incremental to pick it up first.

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