Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] About retention, and pruning.

On Thu, 28 Apr 2011 17:33:48 +0200, Hugo Letemplier
> After the job ran many times: I have the following volume <=> job
> Vol name Level Time
> Test1 Full 15:50
> 324 Inc 16:00
> 325 Inc 16:10
> 326 Inc 16:20
> 324 Inc 16:30
> Test2 Full 16:40
> 325 Inc 16:50
> 326 Inc 17:00
> This is problematic because Vol324 is recycled instead of creating a new
> one
> I am not sure to understand the various retention periods : File, job,
> volume
> I think that I can increase the retention times but the problem will
> always be the same.
> ex : if I keep my incremental one hour then my first ones will always
> be purged first
> In a good strategy you purge the full sequence of incremental at the
> same time because you need to recycle you volume and don't want to
> keep a recent volume (incremental) without the previous ones.

You would waste your tape/disk space.

> To do that I imagine that I need to create one pool per day and reduce
> progressively the retention periods. It doesn't makes sense !
> I turned the problem on all its sides but I cant find a good
> solution. Maybe the other retention period are the solution but I
> didn't succeeded ?
> Thanks in advance

That means that your upper backup levels should have greater retentions to
be sure that at any time, you can use the full + diff + inc if needed.
Keeping incremental without full backup can be useful to restore only
specific files....

JÃrÃme Blion.

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