Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Speed of backups

Jason Voorhees schrieb:
> I'm running Bacula 5.0.3 in RHEL 6.0 x86_64 with a Library tape IBM
> TS3100 with hardware compression enabled and software (Bacula)
> compression disabled, using LTO-5 tapes. I have a Gigabit Ethernet
> network and iperf tests report me a bandwidth of 112 MB/s.
> I'm not using any spooling configuration and I'm running concurrent
> jobs, just only one. This is the configuration of my fileset:
> ...

to get the maximum speed with your LTO-5 drive you should enable data
spooling and change the "Maximum File Size" parameter. The spool disk
must be a fast one, especially if you want to run concurrent jobs.
Forget hdparm as benchmark, use bonnie++, tiobench, iozone.

Then after after you have enabled spooling, restarted the SD, start
the backup. Look at the log file for "Despooling elapsed time". This
will show you how fast the spool file can be written to tape.

The backup time will increase overall because the data will first be
written to disk and then to tape, but at least you eliminate the
network and the data source (server) as bottleneck.

With spooling enabled and LTO-4 drives I get up 100 - 140 MB/s.


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