Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] fixing a 'Cannot find any
appendable volumes' problem

On 4/28/11 4:37 AM, Martin Simmons wrote:
>>>>>> On Wed, 27 Apr 2011 21:13:53 -0700, David Newman said:
>> bacula 5.0.3, FreeBSD 8.2
>> While running a full backup of a file server, bacula keeps issuing
>> 'Cannot find any appendable volumes' messages and prompting me to create
>> a new volume. I've done that, three times, and tried rerunning the job
>> but now the NAS unit attached to the bacula box is nearly full (mostly
>> with hundreds of volumes from aborted full backups of this server).
>> I don't care if this job wraps around from the final volume and starts
>> overwriting the first and subsequent volumes. How can I configure bacula
>> to do that so that this job can run to completion?
> You could use the purge volume command with each volume that you don't want to
> keep. That will allow Bacula to recycle those volumes.
> OTOH, you don't give much information about why it failed three times, so the
> same problem might happen again (hint: post the full logs).

Sorry for not providing more details. These are the configuration
parameters similar to these in bacula-dir.conf:

# Default pool definition
Pool {
Name = Default
Pool Type = Backup
Recycle = yes # Bacula can automatically recycle
AutoPrune = yes # Prune expired volumes

Maximum Volume Bytes = 10GB
Maximum Volumes = 400

Label Format = "File-"

Volume Retention = 31 days


Bacula issues errors like this:

28-Apr 02:21 nye-sd JobId 5362: Job boonen.2011-04-26_14.42.29_03 is
waiting. Cannot find any appendable volumes.
Please use the &quo...

t;label" command to create a new Volume for:
Storage: "FileStorage" (/home/bacula/storage)
Pool: Default
Media type: File

The problem is that the 400th volume is full and it's been less than 31
days since the first volume was written.

Per your suggestion I've run the purge command from bconsole on volume
'File-0001' and the job has resumed. Thanks!

I'm pretty sure this job will take more than one volume to complete. Is
there a method in bconsole for purging multiple volumes in one go?

thanks again


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