Subject: [Bacula-users] Speed of backups


I'm running Bacula 5.0.3 in RHEL 6.0 x86_64 with a Library tape IBM
TS3100 with hardware compression enabled and software (Bacula)
compression disabled, using LTO-5 tapes. I have a Gigabit Ethernet
network and iperf tests report me a bandwidth of 112 MB/s.

I'm not using any spooling configuration and I'm running concurrent
jobs, just only one. This is the configuration of my fileset:

FileSet {
Name = fset-qsrpsfs1
Include {
File = /etc
File = /root
File = /var/spool/cron
File = /var/run/utmp
File = /var/log
File = /data
Options {

My backups were running with a minimum of 54 MB/s and a maximum of 79
MB/s. Are these speeds normal for my scenario? What could be the best
speed I could achieve with an optimal Bacula configuration considering
that the network isn't loaded at the time that backups always run? I'm
concerned the difference of speeds between the maximal supported by my
network (112 MB/s) versus the speed of my backups (54 ~ 79 MB/s).

I hope someone can give me some advices to enhance the performance of
my backups.


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