Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] fixing a 'Cannot find any
appendable volumes' problem

Am Donnerstag, 28. April 2011, 06:13:53 schrieb David Newman:
> bacula 5.0.3, FreeBSD 8.2
> While running a full backup of a file server, bacula keeps issuing
> 'Cannot find any appendable volumes' messages and prompting me to create
> a new volume. I've done that, three times, and tried rerunning the job
> but now the NAS unit attached to the bacula box is nearly full (mostly
> with hundreds of volumes from aborted full backups of this server).
> I don't care if this job wraps around from the final volume and starts
> overwriting the first and subsequent volumes. How can I configure bacula
> to do that so that this job can run to completion?
You give few informations bout your config or settings.
I guess you missconfigured the pool definition of your job e.g. volume

Check if you have lines similar to the following inside your pool definition...

AutoPrune = yes
VolumeRetention = 14d
Maximum Volumes = 15
Recycle = yes

Best wishes


Dipl. Inf. Heiko Schellhorn

University of Bremen
Inst. of Environmental Physics
P.O. Box 33 04 40
D-28334 Bremen

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