Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Problems with disk-based backup

On 4/27/11 12:05 AM, Philip Yarra wrote:
> Hi, I'm having some troubles with bacula failing to perform automatic
> backups. The issue seems to be that the storage daemon is not
> automatically labelling a new volume. The setup looks like this:
> Director lives on an Intel server running Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, the
> installed version of bacula is from the packages for this release: 5.0.1
> Storage daemons live on a pair of Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ (sparc-based
> NAS boxes) using 5.0.1 compiled natively on a ReadyNAS box. The NV+ is
> running Linux and I believe this is a re-packaged
> Debian Sarge
> We have File daemons (version 5.0.3) deployed on a range of Windows
> 2003, 2000 and Ubuntu server boxes.
> We do a full backup each Saturday morning, then each weeknight we
> write an incremental. The director config has has custom schedules so
> that alternate weeks are written to different storage daemons.
> The problems seemed to start occurring when the volume names rolled
> over from Incr-0099 to Incr-0100 (that is the first instance I can
> find of this issue, anyway). I don't know if this is coincidence or
> not. When the problem occurred, we got this in the director's logs:
> My suspicion is that the issue is on the storage daemon. I've now set
> them to create debug level output (using-v -dt -d 200) which I have
> redirected to a file, so I hope to have more info in future.
> Regards, Philip.

My first thought is that your fd, maybe, should not be more current than
the dir or sd. Having an older fd worked for me. The second...

thing is
there are no 'maximum' commands. Here are mine in the "Pool" section:
Maximum Volume Bytes = 4GB
Maximum Volumes = 115

Multiply 4 x 115 = 460 GB - bad things happen if the disk gets full

The third thought is that you really should run a much simpler
setup(conf files) till all issues are hashed out. You are doing things
the hard way.


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