Subject: [Bacula-users] running VFull manually fails, looks
for file in wrong path


im trying vfull backups.

i created a new pool for this

Pool {
Name = Vfull
Pool Type = Backup
Recycle = yes
Storage = Vfull
LabelFormat = vfull-
Next Pool = File

a new device:

Device {
Name = Vfull
Device Type = File
Media Type = File
Archive Device = "/bacula/archivefiles/vfull"

a new storage:

Storage {
Name = Vfull
Address =
SDPort = 9103
Password = "some"
Device = Vfull
Media Type = File

so i run a full backup on a client, changed some files, did an
incremental, a differential and finally a VFull of this client.

the vfull job tells me to mount volume vfull-0027 in
/bacula/archivefiles (thats the Archive Device for my default pool) but
this one is placed in /bacula/archivefiles/vfull.

what could be wrong?



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