Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Backup to remote cifs share

On 4/26/2011 5:58 AM, James Harper wrote:
>> Hey
>> We have a few clients where we use bacula to make a backup to a remote
>> cifs share (usually a windows fileserver).
>> This is implemented as a File Storage device in the sd, with a
> "requires
>> mount = yes" and the necessary mount commands etc.
>> Now this has never been an issue until last week when a client had DNS
>> problems, the share wasn't accessible, and bacula decided to just fill
>> the local disk....
> If your share mounts on /mnt/bacula, and the share isn't mounted, bacula
> will quite happily just write to the /mnt/bacula directory. To avoid
> this problem I always back up to a subdirectory inside that share. Eg In
> that case I would back up to /mnt/bacula/volumes/ or something like
> that, although I wouldn't normally call my mount point bacula so it
> would be more like /mnt/cifs/bacula where cifs is the mount point and
> bacula is a directory under it. That way if the share isn't mounted, the
> directory won't exist and bacula won't do something you aren't
> expecting. I think this is advisable for CIFS and USB attached storage,
> the latter is what I normally use.

Another approach I have found fairly simple is to use the autofs daemon
to automount CIFS and NFS shares. The mount=yes, and etc. is not
required, and Bacula is configured as if for normal local disk storage.
If the share is unavailable, then the mount will fail, in turn causing
the job to fail.

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