Subject: [Bacula-users] Backup to remote cifs share


We have a few clients where we use bacula to make a backup to a remote
cifs share (usually a windows fileserver).
This is implemented as a File Storage device in the sd, with a "requires
mount = yes" and the necessary mount commands etc.

Now this has never been an issue until last week when a client had DNS
problems, the share wasn't accessible, and bacula decided to just fill
the local disk.
I had always been under the impression that a failure to mount would
cause the job to fail? (and it has in some tests a few months ago if I
recall correctly)

It is probably worth mentioning though that in an effort to resolve some
early permissions problems I gave bacula permissions on the mountpoint
itself (/mnt/bacula).
Could this be the reason bacula just decided to use the local disk
because it *could*, even though the mount clearly failed with an error.

Kind regards,

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