Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Bacula & vchanger

Op 25-04-11 17:43, Josh Fisher schreef:
> On 4/22/2011 7:37 AM, Koenraad Lelong wrote:
>> Hi,
> It looks like you either did not create the volumes using vchanger's
> INITMAG command, or else you created them as root or some other user and
> it is a permissions problem. The volume files must be owned by (or at
> least read/write) for the user that the bacula-sd daemon runs as.

Hi Josh,

I investigated and it seems bacula-sd and bacula-dir were compiled to
run as bacula:bacula. I initialized the "magazine" with
vchanger -u bacula -g disk /etc/bacula/c2.conf initmag 1

This results in
-rw-r----- 1 bacula disk 0 26 apr 09:34 c2_0001_0001
-rw-r----- 1 bacula disk 0 26 apr 09:34 c2_0001_0002
-rw-r----- 1 bacula disk 0 26 apr 09:34 c2_0001_0003
-rw-r--r-- 1 bacula disk 7 26 apr 09:34 index
-rw-r--r-- 1 bacula disk 1 26 apr 09:34 loaded0

So I started again, now with
vchanger -u bacula -g bacula /etc/bacula/c2.conf initmag 1
response :
magazine bay 1 has no magazine mounted

Tried again with
vchanger -u bacula -g disk /etc/bacula/c2.conf initmag 1

This went fine. Then I chown'ed -R
/mnt/vchanger/49299ccc-6489-43f8-9536-d63dd3de9663 to bacula:bacula.
Again bconsole reported no slots to scan.
I don't understand anymore.

For what it's worth, I'm trying this on Opensuse 11.4, with bacula-rpm's
from Opensuses factory buildservice.

Thanks for your patience,

Koenraad Lelong.

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