Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Problem "rejected Hello
command" with DIR 2.2.6 and FD 5.0.2

> Be *very* aware of the vagaries of email clients, the line above from
> John appaers to contain the phrase "always = client", when his original
> post contained "always > = client".
> This is because somewhere in the chain something wrapped the
>  line at "> =" and
> so the "> " was seen as being a quote lead-in rather than
>  the ">=" which was intended.
> (I wonder how badly mangled this will appear.)
> To re-iterate, the simple rule is: "The server (director and storage)
> version must be always be greater than or equal to the client version."

Thanks for fixing that I did use ">=" without the quotes being that I
am a programmer in the day job. Not sure how that got messed up from
the chain. Sorry for causing confusion..


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