Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] prevent windows shutdown when
backup run

On 04/20/11 13:40, ruslan usifov wrote:
> Hello
> We back up client computers throw bacula-fd, but have some issue throw
> shutdown process (when user press power off button or throw "start"
> menu). We want prevent shutdown process while fd work, does exists any
> solutions for this task?

The short answer is, no, if the user has physical access to the hardware
you cannot prevent the user from shutting it down by hitting the power
button, and Bacula does not have the capability to override an
OS-controlled shutdown initiated by the OS or the user. About the only
ways around this are either to educate your users, or to redesign your
backup strategy in a robust way (say, use rsync to copy the data to a
buffer area off the machine that you actually back up).

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