Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Problem "rejected Hello
command" with DIR 2.2.6 and FD 5.0.2

Op 20/04/2011 15:29, Ben Schmidt schreef:
> I'm running a bacula 2.2.6 on a old Server that's just working. One of
> it's Clients was replaced by a new Server with debian 6.0 today and I
> can't get bacula running.
> Server: DIR: 2.2.6, SD: 2.2.6, SLES 10.1 amd64
> Client: FD: 5.0.2, debian 6.0 amd64
> No SSL/TLS in use.
> ...
Old dir with new clients won't work. The communications protocols have
been updated so the old dir doesn't know how to talk to the new client.

The easiest solution might be to rebuild the old client on the new
platform, though a complete upgrade to the latest 5.0.3 might be better
for future-proof-ness.


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