Subject: Re: [Bacula-users] Tape backup only writes 1 GB

On 20/04/11, Steffen Fritz (fritzsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> my Dell Powervault 124T autochanger is loaded with LTO-4 tapes. When I
> run the job, it terminates with an error after 1. 000 G (999.2 MB).
> The job should save 50 GB (one file from another weekly job) per
> month. Error message is "ERR=broken pipe" and something with MTWEOF.

I had this problem with our 124T when the drive was faulty. It took
quite a while to find the problem, but doing long reads and writes using
dd eventually proved the problem, and Dell swapped the unit out.

Our drive is a Quantum. Apparently the 124Ts with IBM drives are more
reliable. If you have an IBM drive you can use the IBM itdt utility to
test it, otherwise btape or dd are the best bet.

Naturally, you may also have tape errors.

Good luck.

Rory Campbell-Lange

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