Subject: [Bacula-users] Tape backup only writes 1 GB


my Dell Powervault 124T autochanger is loaded with LTO-4 tapes. When I run the
job, it terminates with an error after 1. 000 G (999.2 MB). The job should save
50 GB (one file from another weekly job) per month. Error message is
"ERR=broken pipe" and something with MTWEOF.


Storage {
Name = Drive-1
Address = backupserver
SDPort = 9103
Device = Drive-1
Media Type = LTO-4
Autochanger = yes

Pool {
Name = Autoloader
Pool Type = Backup
Storage = Drive-1
Recycle = yes
AutoPrune = yes
Volume Retention = 7 days

Anyone knows, how I can solve that problem?



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